9th February 2020

Network Network not reachable

16:13 - Provider switched their central hardware and now service is restored.

14:28 - Incident re-opened as connectivity over IPv6 is lost once more.

13:38 - Connectivity over IPv6 is restored and the incident has been marked as resolved by our provider.

11:00 - We have a confirmation that our internet-provider have an wide-spread incident. We will update you as soon as we hear anything back from them. If you have trouble reaching your site, please (temporary) remove the AAAA DNS-records for it to make it answer on only IPv4 adresses. Please don't forget to put them back once the issue is fixed.

10:40 - Possible root cause is found.

10:30 - Our incident team is assembled and we are investigating the issue.

Network is not reachable via IPv6. We are investigating the problem and will update here as soon as we get more information.