10th February 2021

Scheduled maintenance and downtime affecting several componentst, scheduled 1 year ago

At 00:05 the 27th of March our virtualization platforms will be down for maintenance work. This means that between 00:05 and 04:00 the following services will be fully or partially available:

All of our shared hosting Shared e-mail Virtual Private Server - Scale Cloud VPS The control panel for beebyte PaaS

During this time the virtual servers will be shut down and restarted, but the final state of the servers will not be altered. The reason behind this maintenance work is to ensure a future reliable operations on supported software versions for our virtual servers.

We often update our platforms and under normal circumstances we can do so without affecting our customers or their applications, but due to technical reasons it is unfortunately not possible to do so at this time. To make sure that everything will run smoothly and to provide support for our customers, our chat-support at www.beebyte.se will be available from 00:05 the 27th to 23:59 the 28th.

If you have any immediate questions please contact us via our chat-support at www.beebyte.se.